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Founded in 2015, the United Voice of African Associations, now commonly known as TUVAA, is an umbrella organisation for Africans living in Southampton and the surrounding areas of this beautiful county of Hampshire. The birth of TUVAA was a milestone achievement for our individual African societies. Through TUVAA, the African member associations forged a unity of purpose and enhanced the promotion of our collective interests, our diverse cultures, customs, and values.

In TUVAA we created a platform that would enable us to speak with one voice and make us more visible in our community. Part of our agenda, as various nationalities, was to share in our diverse cultural heritage, our sense of pride in our roots and who we are. We are proud of our African roots and our rich cultural heritage and will always thrive to maintain this, for posterity.

However, we are also cognisant of the fact that in this beautiful country which we have made our home, are people, the British people, who are just as proud of their own culture as we are about ours. It is in this light that, as part of our agenda, we sought to do our part, in whatever way we can, towards making this country a better place. We have forged relationships, not only amongst ourselves as Africans but also with our host population. This is because, in addition to promoting our own African culture, social cohesion, even in the face of cultural diversity within the various communities, have been and always will be at the core of our agenda as TUVAA.

We have fostered stronger relationships, not only amongst ourselves as Africans but also between us and the white British communities and other minority ethnic groups we live alongside. We think that it is only right that, we work alongside our British counterparts, towards a society we can all be proud of.


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Our TUVAA Executives

As TUVAA executive, we are responsible for the daily running of the group and here are our objects:
i)Promote social cohesion by fostering stronger relationships between Africans living in Southampton and its Surroundings with locals living in their neighbourhoods.
ii) Promote cultural diversity by engaging Africans, other migrants and minorities living in Southampton and its environs.
iii) Encourage training, sharing of information and experiences with members of the group on a regular basis
iv) Bring African groups together under one umbrella. Facilitate the creation of one voice to promote African interest, values and culture. Represent the unified voice emerging from affiliated associations on issues that affect Africans living in Hampshire as agreed by the committee.
v) Forge partnership with other organisations with similar interest and or establish partnership with groups, individuals and organisations of interest to the committee.

More Board Members
Dr. Abdoulie Sanneh

Dr. Abdoulie Sanneh

Tsepiso Kumalo

Tsepiso Kumalo

V. chair
Darlington Odum

Darlington Odum