Our Projects

Some of the projects run by TUVAA over the years

Since the inception in 2015 TUVAA ran numerous projects and events among them included: First aid, learn to ride refugee women’s project, international women’s day, hospital visits with group of volunteers, annual ABP Marathon, Computer skills, volunteer recognition events, spinning bike fitness classes, Christmas celebrations, food bank for deprived communities, fund days, Cultural days, Football, men and women swimming projects, culture and heritage projects, language classes, setting up community groups, work placement for schools, work experience for university students, supporting research, trainings, mentoring group leaders, workshops (yellow door) counselling, door knocking.

Other activities we are involved in to help our community include:

Children’s art and poetry, with our partners, the Hansard Gallery, City Museum and Showcase Gallery participating in black history celebrations, online exhibitions dedicated to Black lives matter and platforms that address mental health and isolation.


King Mzilikazi Commemoration

Retracing King Lobengula’s emmisarries’ journey from Cape Town, South Africa, to Southampton to meet with Queen Victoria in 1898.


Mental health project

TUVAA has forged and established partnerships with various groups and organisations with similar interests.


Youth project

TUVAA have run and is running several youth projects including art projects, theatre, football, water sports, swimming, and heritage projects.