African community group

TUVAA is an umbrella organisation for African groups and we are always welcoming new groups to join us. Voice and power is in the numbers. Joining TUVAA means you have to accept our constitution. If you are and African group are interested in joining us please ask for our constitution.

The United Voice of African Associations (TUVAA) is an umbrella organisation for African groups in the city. Working collaboratively with other groups, TUVAA celebrates, enhances, and promotes our diverse African cultures and heritage within Southampton by organising a range of cultural events and engaging in cultural educations. We also promote health and wellbeing of young people, women, and men by engaging them in sports, swimming, and leisure. We promote black businesses through our various African groups in the city.

African groups can register with TUVAA the registration is only £20. If you want to know more contact us on 07385932327 Or drop us a message.